Wise Investing for an Ever Changing World™

An innovative and disciplined investment management firm providing portfolio management expertise and advisor tools to support business growth. Fortunatus Investments provides a revolutionary approach to investment management with our ProtacticalTM Investment Process – positioning investors to take advantage of market opportunities with the flexibility to make tactical adjustments.



About Us


Fortunatus Investments is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) located in Brighton, MI. We provide investment solutions and proactively partner with advisors by continually supplying the tools and signals to ensure portfolio allocations are aligned with the current market environment.




We believe that providing downside protection during market declines adds value over full market cycles. Our Protactical™ investment approach applies this tactical overlay to all of our strategies, allowing investors to participate in market advances while protecting assets during prolonged market declines.




Fortunatus Investments primarily features Asset Allocation, Opportunity, and Fixed Income strategies. Each strategy has a tactical overlay to provide downside protection during market declines for the market segments that the model participates in.

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