- The ProtacticalTM Investment Process -


Fortunatus’ Protactical™ Investment Process combines fundamental and relative strength research to identify opportunities in the global marketplace, the investments best positioned to take advantage of those opportunities, and the timing to make those tactical adjustments.


01Identify Global Opportunities

Within a diversified framework, Fortunatus Investments uses a top down approach to tactically align our models across global equity, fixed income and alternative assets. Based on model objectives, our proactive approach also pursues opportunities within each asset class to further exploit situations in which the risk for executing the strategy is rewarded.

02Relative Strength Analysis

​Fortunatus Investments combines the fundamental research needed to seek to identify superior funds and ETFs with relative strength and momentum research in order to provide a complete investment approach. Relative strength and momentum research assists us in striving to deliver alpha* across all market cycles by triggering entry and exit points, inter-quarter tactical moves and downside protection strategies.

* ALPHA = A measure of the difference between a model’s actual
returns and its expected performance, given its level of risk.

03Fundamental Research

After appropriate risk/reward opportunities are identified, fundamental research is used to determine the investments that are best positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. With a focus on institutional mutual funds and ETFs in an effort to keep expenses at a minimum, our research seeks to identify investment managers with a strong track record of risk adjusted returns and a proven management process.

04Ongoing Review

For each of our models, the Fortunatus Investment Team meets regularly to review global marketplace trends and how to position the models to take advantage of those trends. The ongoing assessment of the models includes performance reviews, a fundamental review of the positions held using our proprietary Point System, and relative strength reviews of sectors and asset classes.

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